Pastoral Staff

Pastor Gyula Laudisz


Whether it’s preaching a heart-felt sermon, a passionate prayer or joining the men in song, we love our Pastor.  He has a heart full of love for The Word of God, The People of God, America and The Church!

Pastor Gyula is originally from Hungary.  He is married to a local Rockland native, Linda Long Laudisz and they have two beautiful girls who serve faithfully at Elim Alliance Church.

Elim alliance church valley cottageLinda can be found most Sundays faithfully leading worship, making announcements and is involved in numerous way serving The Body of Christ at our church.

They are a joy-filled family.


KarlKarl C. Folkes, Ph.D.
Elder and Deacon at Elim Alliance Church

A graduate of New York University, Karl Constantine Folkes earned his Ph.D. that is cataloged by University Microfilms International (UMI) as a Mariological study (the study of the Lord’s mother), with the central theme of individuation, the conscious goal of each person to become self-actualized (in depth-psychological terms) or to become whole as a “New Being” in Christ (the Christian message).

After retirement as an educator and university professor of linguistics, Dr. Folkes audited courses in Old Testament and New Testament studies for three years at the Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, NY. As Elim Alliance elder and deacon,

Karl considers himself as a servant and disciple of Christ, his teacher, whose mission, through active church ministry, is to assist the pastor, Gyula Laudisz, in delivering the WORD of GOD to church members and visitors, to administer the weekly tithes and offerings, to assist the pastor in communion services (the Lord’s Supper), to serve on the governing board and through benevolent church offerings and other outreach services, to provide aid and comfort to the congregation at large.

Dr. Folkes was borne in Jamaica, West Indies. And married to Dr. Florence Pu-Folkes who was borne in Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma).  Dr. Florence Pu-Folkes also leads the music ministry at Elim Alliance Church.  Both have been serving Elim Alliance Church since 2001.

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